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  • Eye Brow
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    • Gradation Technique
    • This technique uses needles on a machine so that the color does not penetrate too deeply into the skin. It leaves a soft pastel shadow design on the eye brow.

      The design may seem a bit dark right after the procedure, but after the dead skin cells fall off, a fine pencil-drawn neat image, will be left behind.

      People with thick eye brows can portray natural designs that fit the shape and structure of their eye brows; however those who have thin, fading eye brows need to have a Gradation performed on them.

    • Embroidery Technique (Natural Eye Brows)
    • The Embroidery Technique is performed with the practioner’s own hands, and is a semi permanent makeup technique.

      “Embo” is a professional technique that uses many precise needles to portray lively eye brows, and is performed by applying the color on the outer skin and making it seep through. It completes the eye brow beautifully by showing the roots as well.

      This technique makes it seem as if each strand of hair was planted naturally. The technique is determined solely by the practioner’s skills, and therefore is known as a high level technique.

      One must understand the direction which eye brow hair grows and how to portray the fineness of each line. Only by the delicateness of the practioner’s hands, extensive experience, and technical know-how, can a natural eye brow be portrayed on the customer.

    • 3D Technique
    • This technique combines the Gradation and Embo techniques.
    • The Gradation technique is applied first, and after the dead skin cells fall off, the Embo technique is applied to fill in the eye brows.

      For those who are missing all or half of an eye brow, this technique would suit them well as it naturally connects the design with their eye brows.

      For those who have thin eye brows; using only the Embo technique may cause an unfavorable result because their eye brows may seem unnatural once the design begins to fall off. However, a combination of Embo and Gradation leads to the formation of natural eyebrows that look just like the customer’s eyebrows.

    Recommended Customers

    • - People with small or fading eye brows
    • - People with unleveled eye brows
    • - People who have missing patches of hair on their eye brows
    • - People who want to fix an eye brow tattoo
    • - People who cannot draw their own eyebrows or takes them too long