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    • In order to make long, beautiful eyes, various methods such as eye liner, artificial eye lashes, and eye lash permers are being used.

      Thus, in order to make women’s desires to become beautiful into a reality; Semi Permanent Eye Lashes were developed.

      Each of the 40~100 individual organic eye lashes match 1 on 1 with the customer’s real eye lashes to fit the shape of their eye, and brings about deep beauty.

      Eye lashes that droop and prick one’s eyes can be fixed with semi permanent eye lashes. They are elaborate and natural; and are not much different from real eye lashes.

    Eyelash Training Curriculum

    Classification Theory Practice
    Day 1 Understanding eye lash traits
    Understanding the product
    Understanding eye lash extension, eye, and hair
    Eye lash Aftercare
    Understanding side effects
    Basic practical theories & preparations
    Pin set Technique
    How to use glue and hold eye lash
    Mannequin practice
    Model speaker, demonstration
    Practice on Model (1on1 training system)
    Day 2 Targeting Customers & Career /
    Marketing, Advertisment Training
    Practice on Model (1on1 training system)
    Day 3 Practice on Model (learn technique know-hows)

    Advantages of Eye lash Extension

    • - Lasts for 1~2 months
    • - Maintain thicker, longer, more charismatic eye lashes
    • - Bathing, sauna, and swimming is possible
    • - Deep know-how creates very natural eye lashes
    • - It can be kept semi-permanent through regular supplementation
    • - No surgery, no pain, it is not a one-time use, no side effects
    • - Mascara, eye line, and artificial eye lashes are not needed

    Recommended Customers

    • - People who are stressed out about having thin eye brows
    • - People who are preparing to get married
    • - People who want pretty eyes even without makeup
    • - People who are stressed out about having short eye brows
    • - People who want naturally thick eye brows.
    • - People who are stressed out about having small eyes

    Procedure Aftercare

    • - Do not rub the eyes too roughly
    • - Avoid putting on mascara
    • - Avoid going to the sauna or swimming for 3 days
    • - Regular maintenance services are recommended 。