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  • Eye Line
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    • A machine is used to fill in the area between each eye lash and the waterline in order to increase thickness, and clearer eyes are portrayed as if one put on circle contact lens.

      The inner area of eye lashes can be colored in especially after double eye lid surgery, in order to make it look clearer.

      A design is made depending on the length, depth, width of the eye, and face to eye proportion, and also the degree at which the tail of the eye rises or falls.

      Because it is one of the most sensitive areas of the body; procedures must be carried out carefully, cleanly, and skillfully.

      A precise procedure is required, and the best line that suits one’s eye shape must be designed.

    Recommended Customers

    • - People who have thin eye brows or none at all, or have unclear lines
    • - People who have a lot of tears and therefore eye line smudges easily
    • - People who are not good at drawing their eye line and takes them a long time
    • - People who cannot draw their eye line due to having sensitive eyes