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  • Hair Line
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    • A color that matches the customer’s own hair color is used to make a hair line for customers with angled foreheads or M-shaped foreheads. The special trait of this procedure is its natural appearance as it fills in the forehead and makes it seems like actual hair strands grew in that area.

      Using contour makeup, the customer can experience the same effects of a hair transplant without actually having to go through a surgical hair transplant. Thin, long lines are applied one by one to the outer skin in the direction of the actual hair, in order to fix M-shaped foreheads and baldness by making the design fit in with the customer’s actual hair and gives off a thickening effect.

      Semi Permanent Hair Line is a lot more reasonable in price than hair transplants, and is safe and popular. However, it is difficult to apply it to customers who are currently experiencing growing baldness, or have almost no hair near their hair line.

      It is important to choose a skillful expert as hair line also requires high level hand techniques.

    Recommended Customers

    • - People who have thin hair around their forehead, or have thin hair in general making their forehead appear too big, or    have patches of hair
      - People who need to maintain an up-style or all-back hair style due to their occupation (E.g. Flight attendant, Ballet dancer,    office secretary etc.)
      - People who have experience applying shadow or hair black powder, and have experience applying make-up on
         M-shaped foreheads or even higher areas
      - People who are about to get married and are worried about their thin front hair