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    • This procedure improves the lip’s volume, outline, and creates color shadows, while making thin lips a bit thicker and fixing lips that are too big. Lip lines that are not defined can be made to stand out more through this procedure.

      When full color is applied to the entire lip, using a color that suits the skin color, it improves the lip line through a soft technique. It naturally fills in a color that matches one’s real lips, and creates gorgeous, lively, circulated lips.

      Customers can have small wounds and scars on their lips treated, restore the outline of their cleft lips after a procedure, and fix and maintain lips that are unbalanced.

    Recommended Customers

    • - People who have pale or dark lips
    • - People who have unclear outer lip lines
    • - People who wish to have the thickness or shape of their lips fixed
    • - People whose lipstick continually smears off their lips