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    • MTS stands for Microneedle Therapy System. A micro needle is used to optimize penetration into the skin’s effective component, and makes a new transcellular route which goes through the outer and inner skin layers. It provides an outstanding drug delivery system.

      Unlike the conventional way of cutting away the skin, MTS uses thinner-than-hair specialized microneedles that do not damage outer skin nor remove it. It is an FDA approved skin recovery method that brings about the production of collagen in the skin.

      Because it uses 100% of the skin’s recovery ability, it is very productive for wrinkle improvements, pigmentation removal & protection, and for skin tone & resilience. Importantly, MTS causes no disturbance to your daily life, and does not result in side effects such as scabs or pigmentation.

    MTS (Microneedle Therapy System) Effect

    • - Does not remove nor damage the outer skin, and leads to the production of collagen
    • - Does not artificially numb, harden, nor reduce skin cells, but uses the natural wound healing process
    • - Applies tremendous amount of effective components to the skin (5 minutes of use, 15~20 thousand)
    • - According to the FDA in USA, there are rarely any side effects
    • - Provides highly safe and convenient procedures, at a reasonable cost with long lasting effects
    • - Skin’s exposure to sun no longer becomes a problem after the procedure is performed

    Recommended Customers

    • - People who have dark, dry skin and want clear, bright skin
      - People who want moist and resilient skin because of wrinkles near their eyes or mouth
      - People who want clear skin because of their rough skin caused by pimple scars
      - People who want to remove cellulites and stretch marks caused by diet or obesity
      - People who want to prevent/treat their baldness caused by age or heredity