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  • What is Semi Permanent Makeup?
    > Semi Permanent Makeup > What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

    • Semi Permanent Makeup has been called “Application of color to fine skin”, “Skin Graphic Tatoo”, and “Continuous Make-up.” In the US it is called “Semi Permanent Makeup”, in Japan it is called “Art Makeup”, and in South Korea it is considered to be the same as “Tatoo Make-up.”
    • In contrast to permanent tattoos, Semi Permanent Makeup naturally disappears after a certain period of time, and one may erase prior to it whenever he/she wants. “Long lasting makeup” and “Strong continuous makeup” are good phrases used to precisely explain Semi Permanent Makeup.
    • Colors composed from natural minerals are used, and are only applied between the outer and granular layers of the skin, thus avoiding allergic reactions and the colors also do not change. As the natural cycle of dead skin cells removal is repeated, the colors are naturally removed and thus procedures can be carried out over and over again to follow latest make-up trends.
    • The design begins to fade away slowly after 1~3 years and so different techniques, colors and images can be chosen to fit the customer’s need.

    Principle of Contour Makeup

    Contour make-up is based on dermatology and is applied on the skin’s outer layer. Even on the outer layer, makeup is only applied on the granular layer, and therefore the color is naturally removed by the process of skin cells being peeled off from the outer layer of skin. Thus, this technique differs much from tattoos, which penetrate deep into the corium.

    Safe Colors

    Contour makeup is already a safe and proven makeup technique in the US, Europe, and other developed countries. The colors that are used do not change, have no side effects, and have been safety proven due to their organic components, and are therefore harmless to the body.

    People that should use Contour Makeup

    • - People that enjoy swimming, fitness, and sports
    • - People that enjoy travelling
    • - People who have thin, long hair and eye lashes
    • - Athletes, cooks, and people who sweat a lot in their jobs
    • - People who have no confidence in applying makeup
    • - People who enjoy going to the sauna
    • - People who cannot put on makeup due to visual, joint, and fitness-related disability
    • - People who have unclear lips, eye brows and eye line
    • - People who work in humid places
    • - People who want to have their tattoos fixed

    Semi Permanent Makeup Vs Tatoo

    Classification Tatoo Semi Permanent Makeup
    Continuity Almost permanent 1~3 years
    Location Mainly for body Mainly for face
    Purpose Purpose Creative, Symbolic, Expressive Restores beauty, Improves blemishes
    Aftercare Permanent fixes are difficult Fixes and additions are possible
    Materials Ink Organic mineral pigments
    Color Black, strong image Various natural colors
    Allergy Possible Nearly impossible due to organic components
    Infection Using same needles may cause infection Disposable needles are used
    Penetration Corium (1~2mm) Outer Layer (01.mm)
    2nd Procedure Not needed Needed

    Before applying makeup

    - Consultation should take place prior to applying make-up if the customer is taking any medication for an illness.
    - Consultation should take place if there is a wound or healing wound on the area where makeup is to be applied.
    - A professional will consult with the customer on a design the customer wants, and after sketching the design he/she will    confirm if it suits the customer’s face.
    - People with sensitive skin such as Keloid or Atopic Dermatitis patients, must first receive consultation with an expert    before having a procedure done.
    - For pregnant women, it is safest to receive any form of procedures at least 1 month after giving birth.
    - If you have had plastic surgery or tattoo removal, you should wait at least one month before receiving consultation.
    - Sometimes it may be difficult for color to enter the skin when the female customer is on a menstrual period.

    After applying make-up

    - Putting an ice pack over the eyes after having an eye line procedure helps to sooth the swelling.
    - Activities that cause perspiration, sauna, and swimming should be avoided for one week until the procedure area is    healed.
    - The procedure area should not be touched with hands and should be kept clean.
    - Dead skin cells will be formed and will fall off; therefore should not be removed forcefully.
    - When the make-up has been applied on the entire lip, stimulating substances such as alcohol, hot foods, and salty foods    should be avoided for 3 days.