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    Subject Write down your own dream
    Name JO & MI Date 2015-04-20
    Write down your own dream.
    In 1947, there was a poor young boy who dreamed of the American Dream, and followed many other immigrants to the United States. He always wrote down his three dreams on a part of his desk.

    I am going to become an actor.
    I am going to marry a woman from the Kennedy Family.
    I am going to become the Governor of California. 
    Do you know who this boy is? He is the famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred in the movie, “Terminator.”
    As you may probably know just as he wrote it down, Arnold became a world renowned movie star. He married the niece of John F. Kennedy, Maria Shriver, and was elected as the Governor of California in 2003.
    There were many immigrants living poor, difficult lives in the US, but how many of them do you think actually wrote their dreams down on a desk?
    The American motivational speaker Greg S. Reid said in one of his books, “If you write your dreams down with a date then it becomes a goal, and if you share your goals it then becomes a plan, and when you implement that plan your dream is accomplished.”
    What is your dream? Write it down. Write down your dream a year from now, 2 years, and even 10 years; including precise dates and ways of implementing them.
    It may seem like nothing, but the moment you pick up your pen and begin writing down your dream, your dream goes beyond being an abstract idea, and transforms into something that exists in reality.
    Write down your dream right now at this moment, set up precise goals and implement them! JO & MI Design Academy supports those who implement their dreams.
    -Professional Semi-permanent Makeup Training Academy-
    JO & MI Design Academy - Director Sun Mi Kwon