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    JO & MI Design Academy provides training with a guaranteed system, and assigns lecturers that suit the student and closely monitor their progress.

    01. Organized training courses are divided according to different elements of contour makeup

    JO & MI Design Academy’s training system is divided into: Design Course, Technique Course, and Color Course.

    • Design Course begins by practicing the most basic line drawing, and then a design expert will train and teach students on how to design eye brows, design an eye line that suits the customer’s eye shape and how to add to and fix lip designs; by learning how to first analyze each customer’s facial shape.
    • B.The Technique Course begins with learning the point technique, and goes further by teaching the basic theories and application of the traditional European contour makeup Hair Stroke, Gradation, Chinese Sculpture Technique, and various other techniques.

    02. Sufficient on-site practice

    JO & MI Design Academy sets an Intensified Course and an Expert Course, and therefore operates a training program which offers plenty of practice time to students.

    • In the Intensified Course, the student will be able to practice and apply the skills learned during the Design Course, Technique Course and Color Course onto various people.
    • In the Expert Course, the student will learn the skills to fix, add, neutralize and protrude the eye brows.

    03. Diverse theory lessons

    • A. Color Lesson
    • JO & MI Design Academy’s Color Lessons enable students to determine high quality colors through teaching them about the properties and components of colors produced by American & German pigment companies and how to distinguish between them.
    • B. Color Blending Lesson
    • This lesson helps students to understand the basic principles of color, and how to find the right color for a skin tone.
    • - How to use fixing colors, including bad examples
    • - How to use point colors, including bad examples
    • C. Charming Makeup special lecture
    • A 10-year professional makeup expert will lecture about the basic principles of general make-up in order to help students understand contour make-up.
    • D. Hygiene Training
    • A professional medical practitioner will lecture about thorough sanitation, hygiene management, and how to block and prevent infections beforehand.
    • E. Contour Makeup 101
    • The origins and general overview of contour makeup will be taught. Also, the difference between contour makeup and tattoos will be explained through lessons about the skin and muscles.
    • F. CRM & Complain Management
    • The basic principles of customer relationship management and responding to customer complaints and solutions will be discussed and debated.
    • G. Entrepreneurship & Marketing Coaching
    • Students will learn how to start a business that best suits them, and will receive realistic advice through entrepreneurship training and marketing coaching from an expert lecturer.
    • H. Taxation Lesson
    • Students will gain expert taxation knowledge by receiving direct training from a tax accountant.
    • I. JO & MI Design Academy hosts a European Contour Makeup Skills Interchange Seminar
    • Students and graduates of JO & MI Design Academy annually meet expert lecturers on European contour makeup, and are able to upgrade their skills and improve their professionalism.

    04. Mind Education

    • The success and failure of all businesses depends on the mind of the entrepreneur. JO & MI Design Academy nurtures Golden Rule and positive mind-sets through its mind education, and teaches students to establish a well-organized business system.

    05. Employment & Start-up Business Support System

    • Using a system that recommends the right job for the student, we help students to get employed at professional psychology clinics, plastic surgery clinics, dermatologist clinics, and even support them to start their own businesses.