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    • JO & MI Design Academy

      Academy identifies the main components of Semi Permanent Makeup and forms a manual through systemizing the main skills, and therefore has been a leading player in raising professional contour makeup artists.

    • Greetings,

      JO & MI Design Academy has produced the most contour makeup students in our country so far, and therefore our training manual has become a De Factor Standard in the contour makeup industry.

      JO & MI Design Academy has raised contour makeup experts through a traditional European training manual & theories, and numerous practices on customers.

      In order to enhance the effectiveness of contour makeup training, JO & MI Design Academy focuses more on training rather than doing procedures. Many students have been trained by us in the past already, and are currently active across the country.

      We raises contour make-up experts by using a creative and effective training system to provide different and more effective skills.

      Our training principle is to make women’s lives more abundant and secure. To be abundant, we teach our students high value systems and skills, and provide security for the future by proposing various business models, offering mind lectures and marketing advices.

      We teach theory & procedures on site following a traditional and systematic European training curriculum, and promise to transform all of you into contour makeup artists.

      Through mind lectures, you will learn how I manage my beauty shop with a positive and assertive mind, and also learn how to attract the hearts of customers with care and a Golden Rule mind-set.

      After you finish your training and walk out through our doors, I promise you that you will have already become a professional contour makeup artist.

      We pledge our endless research and challenge to achieve better training results.

    JO & MI Design Academy Director, Sun Mi Kwon

    • - LABINA Color Master Trainer for Professional Pigmentation, Germany
      - LABINA Color Blending Education for Professional Pigmentation, Germany
      - PUREBEAU Professional Makeup Artist, Germany
      - PUREBEAU Paramedical Pigmentation, Germany
      - Schkunde Grundkurs Infektionshygieneverordnung (LCN), Germany
      - 3 Dimensional Pigmentation Training, Hong Kong
      - Paramedical Pigmentation Training, Hong Kong
      - PUREBEAU Master Trainer, Germany
      - Purebeau Color Education for Master Trainer, Germany
      - Chief Beauty Liner of Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology – Uniqueen Beauty Clinic
      - Chief Educator - International Contour Makeup Association
      - Global judge panel - International Hair & Skin Association
      - 8th Hallyu World Festival – Organizing Committee
      - International Youth Fellowship (IYF) – Support Committee
      - 1st World Beauty Festival – Organizing Committee