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    The Next contour makeup expert is YOU.

    “Your future as an expert contour makeup artist….is
    made possible with JO & MI Design Academy.”


    JO & MI Design Academy has produced numerous professional contour makeup artists, and continues to raises true experts that are sought for in today’s society.


    Our accumulated training know-how from years of contour makeup training provides various career opportunities for our students.


    JO & MI Design Academy teaches a traditional European contour makeup training curriculum, while also offering a specialized, JO & MI’s own creative training system and manual.


    JO & MI Design Academy teaches the main skills of contour makeup through 18 levels of design training.


    JO & MI Design Academy is not satisfied with producing ordinary artists, but aims to raise extraordinary contour makeup artists that will create a new standard of beauty.


    JO & MI Design Academy has many close relationships with dermatologists, beauty clinics, and oriental clinics, and therefore provides our students with safe, career opportunities.

    JO & MI Design Academy’s Major Values & Vision

    JO & MI Design Academy’s Mission Statement

    • First, we shall create and teach a new standard of Beauty, and thereby contribute to the development of contour makeup.
    • Second, as a constant researching & developing organization, we will strive for the development of students and also ourselves.
    • Third, we will aim to become a positive, international contour makeup artist group.
    The best way to become a semi permanent makeup expert!

    JO & MI Design Academy’s history…
    goes hand in hand with South Korea’s contour makeup history.