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    • Best environment for Semi Permanent Makeup expert training

      JO & MI Design Academy provides the best facilities for you to fully participate in your lectures and practices. Achieve your dream of becoming a semi-permanent make-up expert through our system training: design, technique, intensification and expert courses.

    • Semi Permanent Makeup entrance: Design Room
    • The latest digital machinery and various procedure materials are perfectly provided to ensure convenient training and make way for basic theory & design education.

    • Semi Permanent Makeup technique entrance: Technique Room
    • This is a semi permanent makeup technique training room for students who wish to learn professional techniques by learning diverse background knowledge.

    • Intensification Room
    • This room is where students who have perfectly mastered design techniques are taught how to apply and improve the basic techqniques of Semi Permanent Makeup through actual practice.

    • Professional Semi Permanent Makeup training: Expert Course Room
    • Various case-by-case demonstrations are applied during the training and are provided in an excluded VIP room for special students.